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Allcornhole: Slide-Rite - ACL Pro 21/22

Allcornhole: Slide-Rite - ACL Pro 21/22

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Bags come in sets of 4 bags. 

Description from the manufacturer: 

ACL Approved cornhole bags! All Slide-Rite bags are now solid to be sure that you can use them on televised broadcasts if you make it! Perfect Slide under any condition. Tested for months in everything from hot and dry conditions to tropic like humidity. These are not a speed bag. These bags play with a very consistent speed and will be your go to bag no matter what the conditions. These cornhole bags feel great in your hand right out of the box and feel even better after just a few games. One side is our proprietary Slide-Rite material for the perfect slide and the other side is standard suede for stick. These cornhole bags are filled with our proprietary resin fill for the perfect fill and weight. All cornhole bags are stitched with super strong upholstery thread and come with a 1 year warranty against seam breakage! Each bag is template sewn for consistent play. All Bags come with suede branded with the AllCornhole Slide-Rite logo and Slide-Rite material branded as well. All logos are infused into the fabric to not affect gemeplay whatsoever. 

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